Scaleway raises prices yet again

Scaleway raises prices for the third time in two years.

Scaleway raises prices yet again

I've posted about Scaleway multiple times raising their prices and big surprise they have done it again.

Don't be fooled by the drop in price of PAR3 as it provides the most expensive instances and is subject to special pricing. And Scaleway may remove the 50% discount in half a year.

Bus App, Redux
What came from the cloud, goes back to the cloud. Migrating the bus app from the server back to the cloud!

Multiple price increases (3!) over a period of a two years is unusual because it makes it hard to judge and prepare expenses. Companies don't do this lightly because it sends the message that the price can be increased whenever they want, which creates nervous customers who may look for more stable pricing elsewhere. For things like infrastructure, that makes it even more pressing as migration is expensive and difficult.

I admit that I may not be the target audience in this new era of Scaleway's development: they are bringing out serverless functions, managed Kubernetes services, etc and that's okay. But I don't feel comfortable hosting services on their platform because of their attitude towards pricing, especially if I'm planning to build it out into something bigger.

After shopping around, I decided that Hetzner provided the best price to value ratio for the smallest scale servers and after a few months of usage, I think I'm quite happy to have migrated!