TFT ST_7735 Screen hookup guide

TFT ST_7735 Screen hookup guide

This is how I hooked up an ST 7735 TFT LCD module to an Arduino. This is a small, cheap screen with color display, and an excellent Adafruit library has already been written for it, making it a breeze to use.

I recently purchased a TFT screen with the intention of using it eventually. However the markings on the back confused me a little. These are the mappings from the generic red SPI TFT to the Adafruit breakout.


Aliexpress -> Adafruit -> Arduino
LED -> Lite -> Any
N/C -> MISO -> NIL
SCK -> SCLK ->13
SDA -> MOSI -> 11
AO -> D/C -> 8*
RESET -> RST -> 9*
CS -> TFT_CS -> 10*
VCC -> VCC -> 5V

All numbers with * can be changed. The default number is provided.

Once done, the Arduino can be used with the Adafruit ST_7735 library for the SPI, 1.44in screen. It worked for the screen I was using. It was advertised as 1.44 inch Serial 128x128 SPI Color TFT LCD Module Instead of Nokia 5110 LCD on Aliexpress.

I used the Teensy 3.6 to run it without problems. I am looking forward to using it with a larger screen and perhaps running a video file on it.