Progress Report on ULCEK, the second

Some shipping updates, mainly for myself, and some changes to the kit structure.

The WeMos finally arrived. Unfortunately they were late. When ordering from China, make sure that it is not urgently needed.

While I personally like how open the kit is to interpretation, having an actual project that you can put together might be more useful. Therefore, while the kits will still have their original contents and some: the addition of USB cables to make programming and startup easier, the kits will also be structured around a project in mind.

Project Idea 1: Self Activating Night Light

Since the kit is targeted at kids, having a night light will be sort of useful especially if you want to navigate the room at night. But we want to give this night light some sort of intelligence, so we'll have it self activate whenever the room is dark. It should give out a soft orange pulsing glow (to encourage sleep).

  1. Put together a simple circuit
  2. How to use a light sensor
  3. How to use a button
  4. How to light multiple LEDs
  5. How to use a library (to control our RGB ring)
  6. How to control the lighting of this ring with the light sensor
  7. How to turn off the board completely
  8. Light animations
  9. Assembly of Project