How to Add Graphics to KiCAD

How to make pretty PCBs in KiCAD using SVGs and Inkscape!

How to Add Graphics to KiCAD


  1. Install Inkscape
  2. Download SVG2Shenzhen -


  1. Follow the instructions on installing SVG2Shenzhen to Inkscape.


  1. SVG2Shenzhen allows you to create vector drawings on multiple layers of KiCAD.
  2. Start at 1. Prepare Document where you select the layers that SVG to Shenzhen will add to your module.
  3. Draw on each layer as needed
  4. Go to 2. Export to KiCAD - select the folder that you want to save the module to, and save as module. Leave the other options at default values. Hit apply.
  5. Open KiCAD, and add the Module as the footprint library under preferences
  6. Go to PCBnew and add the footprint of the image to the board.

And that's it!

Added a graphic onto the board