General Resources

  1. Codecademy - I got my start in programming in Python here, but I don't recommend the Pro because a lot of the material under the Pro courses are quite short and simplistic.
  2. Frontend Masters - High quality courses taught by industry professionals. Very focused. It feels like being taught by a TA who has been with the course a long time and knows all the nuances. I particularly like Brian Holt's classes.
  3. Lynda - Also known as Linkedin Learning. Available for free through the National Library Board. I've used Lynda for some time and I feel that the focus is not as tight as Frontend Masters.
  4. Udemy - I don't really like Udemy because it feels pushy. It always has deals on their courses so definitely get that. Check if your work or school offers access as part of their elearning resources.
  5. Quiklabs - Google Cloud Learning resource. Good for an intro to cloud technologies.
  6. The Great Courses - Courses on general subjects taught by professors in audio format. It is structured to be a bit more seminar-like where you can sit back and listen.

Personal Websites

  5. - Known Rustacean

Interesting Sites

Reverse Engineering a Insulin Pump

Fictiv - A rapid prototyping firm with a lot of teardown videos/analysis

Nguyen Duc Thang - He is a retired engineer that designs mechanisms in Autodesk Inventor for fun. As of this date he has 3000+ animations on YouTube.

TI Webench - Power designer tool

Patrick McKenzie - Engineering and business

Useful links provides online IDEs that are great for quick sketches. These are direct links to the IDE.

  1. Javascript
  2. Python 3

CS50 Harvard: Mobile Development with React

  1. Lectures

Learning Flutter

  1. Codelabs



Machine learning

  1. Google Colabs - Cloud based python notebooks with GPU backends
  2. Google Seedbank - Machine learning examples
  3. Google Codelabs (Cloud)

Dev Guides



Woodworking - Paul Sellers

Drawing - Glenn Vilppu